Up to 25% faster than Total Tip 3.0. Uses Precise heating to address lines and wrinkles.
  • EYE TIP 0.25

    Uses precise, shallow heating to address wrinkles around the periorbital area and/or the eyelid itself.
  • BODY TIP 16.0

    Offers vibration enhancements for comfortable body treatments.
  • TOTAL TIP 3.0

    Uses precise heating to address lines and wrinkles.
  • 25% Faster Treatments

    The Total Tip 4.0 provides greater surface area coverage than the Total Tip 3.0.
  • AccuREP Technology

    Automatic calibration allows for optimized energy delivery output.
  • Patient Comfort

    Mechanical advancements with vibration elements integrated with cooling blasts achieve an exceptional level of patient comfort.
  • Single Handpiece

    Consistent treatment from head to toe without the need to interchange any handpieces.
  • Touchscreen Navigation

    Updated interface brings an intuitive look and functionality that is easy for operators to use.

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