What is Thermage

  • Thermage is a leading skin tightening treatment with over 2.5 Million procedures performed worldwide.

    It is a US FDA approved, non-invasive treatment that helps minimize and eliminate the signs of ageing by stimulating the collagen growth. It improves the overall appearance of the skin in just a single treatment with results that last for up to one year or even longer. For youthful looking skin, go for the revolutionary Thermage.

    Discover the Power of Thermage

How Thermage® Treatments fit

  • Single Sitting

  • Non-invasive and Safe

  • Minimal Downtime

  • Real Change

  • Targeted, Effective Treatment

  • Treatment

  • Successful Treatments Worldwide

  • Long Lasting

Thermage & You

Thermage Eyes - USFDA cleared skin tightening treatment

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