The Science Behind Vibration

Shake Things Up: More Comfort, More Confidence, More Amazing Results Through Vibration


    Up to 25% faster treatment time with new treatment tip (Total Tip 4.0) which covers 33% larger surface area.

    AccuREPTM technology offers real-time tuning with each pulse to account for variations in local impedance and deliver consistent energy from one treatment site to the next.

    Patient comfort and enhanced user experience with ergonomically designed handpiece that uses vibration for both face and body treatments.

Here’s how:

The “Gate Control Theory”

Developed by Ron Melzack and Patrick Wall, the "Gate Control Theory" states that throughout the nervous system there are many types of nerve fibers responsible for relaying all the sensory information in the human body from the limbs, tissues, and organs, to the brain. Small diameter nerve fibers carry pain impulses while large diameter fibers carry non-painful impulses, among which is vibration. Applying vibration to an area of discomfort decreases pain because touch stimulates the large fiber diameters which in turn close the “gate.”

Clinical Details

With over a million treatments performed and more than 50 peer reviewed publication in print, we have plenty of best practices and clinical data for your review.

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