Clinical Publications

Peer Reviewed Articles


Thermage CPT Advances RF Treatment for Skin Tightening

Yannis Alexandrides, MD; Tracy Mountford, MB, BS - THE European Aesthetic Guide Spring 2012


Radiofrequency: Thermage

Kristel D. Polder MD; Suzanne Bruce MD -


Tolerability of a Monopolar Radiofrequency Facial Skin Tightening Procedure: An Observational Study

Jeremy B. Green, MD; Jeffrey S. Dover, MD; Michael S. Kaminer, MD -


Evaluation of the Multiple Pass, Low Fluence Algorithm for Radiofrequency Tightening of the Lower Face

Melissa A. Bogle, MD et.al - Lasers in Surgery and Medicine


The Role of Deep Heating for Noninvasive Skin Rejuvenation

Christine C. Dierickx, MD - Lasers in Surgery and Medicine


Effects of Monopolar Radiofrequency Treatment Over Soft-Tissue Fillers in an Animal Model: Part 1

Laura J. England, PhD et.al - Lasers in Surgery and Medicine

Trade Publications


Clinical Roundtable: Skin Tightening Pioneer Continues to Answer Consumer Demand

Lara G. Owens - THE Aesthetic Guide


Monopolar Radiofrequency Treatment of Human Eyelids: A Prospective, Multicenter, Efficacy Trial

Brian S. Biesman, MD et.al - Lasers in Surgery and Medicine

Clinical Studies & Abstracts


A Randomized Trial to Determine the Influence of Laser Therapy, Monopolar Radiofrequency Treatment, and Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Administered Immediately after Hyaluronic Acid Gel Implantation

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD et.al - Dermatologic Surgery


Radiofrequency and 585-nm Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment of Striae Distensae: A report of 37 Asian Patients

Dong-Hye Suh, MD et.al. - Dermatologic Surgery


Results of a Survey of 5,700 Patient Monopolar Radiofrequency Facial Skin Tightening Treatments

Jeffrey S. Dover, MD, et.al - Dermatologic Surgery

White Papers


Bulk Heating as an Optimal Mechanism for Non-Invasive Tissue Tightening

Erica Lee Elford, MS, et al. -


Clinical Advancements and Innovative Techniques in Non-Ablative Monopolar Radiofrequency Energy for Smoothing, Tightenin and Shaping the Thighs

Gregory Nikolaidis, MD -

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